Android Partners have access to documentation, tools, and resources to improve and optimize their customer experiences.

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Build with Android

View public resources for the Android Open Source Project.
Get help working with the Android OS, porting devices and accessories to the Android platform, and ensuring devices meet compatibility requirements.
View fixes for possible issues affecting Android devices and security vulnerability details from device and chipset manufacturers.

Partner Portals

Android Partners use web-based portals to manage devices, configure updates, verify test results, and more.

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Android Device Configuration Portal

Deliver apps using Play Auto Install (PAI), push client ID and connectivity configurations, and configure devices over-the-air using Google infrastructure.

Google Over the Air Dashboard

Create and deploy OTA updates, packages, and configurations. Manage device groups and assignments, and view reports.

Partner Approvals Portal

Upload test suite reports, request and manage keyboxes, and manage device, product, and build information for Android devices.

Firmware Analysis Portal

View scan results of uploaded software builds (device images) for malware and other undesired behavior, content, or configurations.

Partner Guides

Android Partners have access to user guides for Android features, programs, and partner portals.

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Google Restore

Learn how to preload Google Restore on your devices and enable users to bring data from their Android or iPhone device during device setup.


See biometrics specifications, security updates, list of sensors, testing labs, and more.


Get details on Android haptics features—creation of stimuli through the sense of touch—and how to implement them.

Google Anti-Abuse APIs

Use Google Anti-Abuse APIs to verify the integrity of Android devices and protect your apps from attacks and abuse such as fraud, cheating, and unauthorized access.

Android Surfaces

Android runs on many form factors, from phones to TVs to cars. Partners integrating Android on these surfaces can get access to specialized resources such as detailed integration guides, compatibility requirements, testing tools, and more.

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Android for Cars

Android offerings for automotive partners bridge mobile devices and the physical human machine interface (HMI) controls provided by the vehicle.

Google Mobile Services

Google Mobile Services (GMS) is a collection of proprietary Google apps and APIs that support enhanced functionality across devices.

Android TV

Android TV and Google TV bring users everything they want to watch organized and simplified on the home screen—a customized entertainment experience.

Wear OS

Wear OS is a platform for wearable devices that partners can adapt to provide contextually aware and relevant information to users.